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WRITING / EDITING ~ Unleash Your Potential

You already sense the calling to write; now it's time to take the next step--learn how to attract the attention of readers with crisp, compelling prose, taking your book manuscript to its fullest potential. Choose from our array of editorial services to take your book from conception to completion. Services encompass everything from manuscript reviews to line editing and ghostwriting. Need a compelling back-cover blurb for your book? We can help!

COACHING ~ You Can Be an Author!

  • Do you sense an untold story or message simmering inside you, that “fire in the belly” urgency to get down on paper what’s been locked inside you--but you just don't know how to get started?  
  • Have you started your book but struggle with organizing your thoughts into readable text? Or feel that something is missing?
  • Are you ready to move from mere "telling" to "showing"? Learn how to write a book with compelling prose! 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need an author coach! Let Angie serve as a "book midwife," coming alongside to help you birth your literary baby. Choose either a one-hour consultation to jump-start your book or tackle areas where you feel stuck. Or you might prefer a series of sessions to hone your fiction or nonfiction manuscript (all consultations are conducted by phone). Sessions can be broken into two half-hour mini-sessions if needed.

SPEAKING ~ Learn How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Writing (and other topics to galvanize your event!)

In the world of entrepreneurship, nothing says calling card like a well-crafted book. Whether you're a novice "solopreneur" or an experienced business leader looking for more traction in your field, making the leap to author is a worthwhile endeavor. Hire Angie to speak to your group about:

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing 
  • 3 Simple Things Professional Writers Do--Every Time
  • Writing with All 5 Senses
  • Setting the Scene
  • Childhood Memories, Grownup Art
  • Finding Your Central “Story”
  • How to Write a Book

What People Are Saying

Ghostwriting | Coaching


Great work, Angie! The book has come together better than I expected. — Pete Williams, Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth


I thank God for divinely putting us together for such a time as this and for allowing you to ghostwrite the testimony of my life. —John Ramirez, Out of the Devil's Cauldron 

I was so nervous to begin this project, but ... I came away from our hour together with so much concrete direction. Everything you said makes so much sense, and now I have a sense of what it should look like...or "read like"! —Donna Holte, aspiring author

Line Editing | Proofreading

It has been a true pleasure working with you and your book editing team. Thank you for making my book so much better!  —Keith Macpherson, Making Sense of Mindfulness


Angie, thank you for your immense contribution in making this project a success. You not only showed professionalism; the spirit of excellence is evident in this work.  — Pastor Guy Freeman Siyawareva, My New Life in Christ

I was really happy with your edit. You/your team did an excellent job and made my book a much better story.  — Leanne Wood, The Power of Things Unseen

Line Editing | Back-Cover Copy

 Angie took my work to another level and polished the storyline with great ideas and changes that made my book that much better. Craig  D. Koehler,  So Many Secrets series

Love it, Angie! Thanks for a great partnership in writing the back-cover copy for this book. Already looking forward to the next book!   Jim Coleman, Cut the Crap and Close the Gap

Developmental Editing

Angie, I've gone through the MS and it has exceeded my expectations. I really feel that the content of the book is exactly what I had stored in my heart!   Lysandro Inacio, Servant Entrepreneurship


 Angie came highly recommended when I was searching for an expert grammatical editor. I found her to be a highly efficient expert and a pleasure to know. I look forward to working with her again and again.   Robyn Spizman, author and media personality

Manuscript Review

Angie, you're gold. So much is plain to see as far as the big notes of characterization and sentences that spark with verbs rather than passivity. I think I am so self-aware now that I can edit this draft to that end. Neal Turnage, The Boy on the Board (novel in progress)  

Now Available from Angie Kiesling

"As an editor, I see authors trip over the same things again and again—but you don't have to!"


Two thoughts drive this little book: 1) keep it short and to-the-point 2) keep it lively. Packaged as a mini-book, it borrows a theme from the Middle Ages and uses each chapter to tackle one of the seven “Deadly Don’ts,” including such topics as passive voice, weak verbs, adverb overload, and more. Then I flip each “Don’t” on its head to counter the mistake with a positive “Divine Do” that will improve any writer’s prose.

Learn how to make your writing sizzleI

Available at your favorite bookstore or at www.Amazon.com and www.BarnesandNoble.com

Coming Soon! author tips videos

Services List

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About Me

My Writing Roots

  Angie created homemade books as a child and followed her lifelong passion by carving out a career in the publishing industry. 

Her editorial experience ranges from magazine editing to website content creation/column writing to ghostwriting to book editing to editorial project management. A former writer for Publishers Weekly,

she has authored more than a dozen books including The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing (Morgan James) and ghostwrote the bestsellers Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth by Pete Williams, Healing One Cell at a Time by Dr. Gordon Crozier, and Out of the Devil’s Cauldron by evangelist John Ramirez, among others.

Whether she's writing, coaching, honing manuscripts, or speaking, Angie finds no greater joy than in helping other writers give birth to the stories and messages within them. 

Work with Angie

Angie edits and reviews both nonfiction and fiction book manuscripts and has worked for some of the top names in publishing. {Her areas of strength in ghostwriting are memoir, motivational, business parable, and informational/teaching nonfiction books.)

Her list of clients includes Morgan James Publishing, Thomas Nelson, Baker/Revell, Jossey-Bass, Harvest House, Honor Books, Albury Publishing, Barbour Publishing, Charisma House, Gale-Cengage, and Abingdon Press. 


  1. What can I expect in a coaching call? During your session(s), Angie will find out your biggest "author stumbling blocks" and tackle each one. Common examples: honing your core message, whether to write in first person or third person, what type of book should this be--a memoir or a teaching book, how do I "show" and not "tell," organizing thoughts/topics, is the scope of my book too large or too small? 
  2. Will Angie be the editor on my book project? Whenever possible, yes--but during busy seasons Angie takes a team approach and has one of her team editors do the hands-on editing, followed by a QC scroll-thru by her. Team editors are selected for their excellence and are so skilled that Angie would entrust her own book to them!
  3. How do I pay for services? Editing projects require a 50% deposit to schedule the work. Contact Angie and she will send you a quote based on editing level needed and word count. Coaching is on a per-hour basis. Ghostwriting requires a customized quote.

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Do you sense an untold story or message simmering inside you, that “fire in the belly” urgency to get down on paper what’s been locked inside you--but you just don't know how to get started? Or perhaps your book is underway but now you're stuck. Angie can help you get clarity so you can bring your book to a successful completion (1-hr $89). Fill out the Contact Angie form below so we can schedule your session(s). We can also split your hour into two half-hour mini-sessions. Let's talk!

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